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In this “pithy and poignant” collection, the prolific Joe Haward gives us a characteristically bold and nuanced collection of stories and poems which serve as a testament to a stunning career and to his place at the forefront of literary achievement in our time.

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 I don't think I could do anything but scratch the surface describing the impact his writing has, with my own limited vocabulary.
Kellie Scott-Reed, AEIC, Roi Faineant Press


Sweat and Blood gifts the reader a broader insight into one of the greatest creative writers of our times.
James Jenkins, author of Parochial Pigs


Sweat and Blood Between the Cracks is a fucking bloodbath; raw, powerful and deeply, profoundly real. Joe picks at scabs and re-opens scars to lay bare his guts to us.
Leia John, author of Song of the Sister