Joe Haward reviews books, movies, poetry, and television shows professionally for presses and magazines. Contact him if you would like a review for your site or publication.


Planet Dead reviewed by Joe Haward author.webp

Planet Dead

by Sylvester Barzey

Burning Boy review by Joe Haward.jpg

The Burning Boy

by Denver Grenell

midnight-in-the-city-of-the-carrion-kid-james-g-carlson-poster-large review by Joe Haward.

Midnight in the City

by James Carlson

Baptism by Fire review by Joe Haward.jpg

Baptism by Fire

by Amy-Jean Muller

The Blue Hour review by Joe Haward.jpg

The Blue Hour

by James Lilley

Spontaneous Human Combustion review by Joe Haward.jpg

Spontaneous Human

by Richard Thomas

Book cover for review by Joe Haward author.webp

The Recalcitrant

by Sean McCallum


Anton Stacey

by Christian Francis

Finding Hope in the Beehive Review by Joe Haward author.jpg

Finding Hope

by Anthony Parker

Review by Joe Haward.jpg

History of Present

by HLR


The Pain Eater

by Kyle Muntz


Plum Stuff

by Rolli


Breeder review by Joe Haward.jpg


Review by Joe Haward

Achoura review by Joe Haward.jpg


Review by Joe Haward

Ghosts of the Ozarks review by Joe Haward.jpeg

Ghosts of the Ozarks

Review by Joe Haward

Help Review by Joe Haward author.jpg


Review by Joe Haward