The Rosary --- Guest Post by Melissa Pumayugra

God, I lost you before I even knew you. The man threw a chair across the room, a table overturned. You didn’t answer me, and I began sculpting a new life for myself, flames painted in my closet—I decided then and there you didn’t exist for me or anyone else. But some twenty years later, I was drawn back to the wretched and beautiful humanity that exists in the world. I spied abandoned human bones in a desert and an adjacent, worn rosary. Such pain, such power. Such faith!

How could I deny the power of faith and the invisible beliefs and dreams of the men and women who risked their lives? How could I denounce their struggles in vain? For more than 20 years now, I’ve vacillated between feeling—and knowing—and asking for God’s acknowledgement or presence. Faith, like a grain of sand, sticks with me even now. I know not what the ultimate answer is—nor shall I ever think I am bold or powerful enough to dictate what others believe—but I do know that for me, at this moment, I have faith in something greater than myself. The unseen force that collaborates, silently, brilliantly, amongst all people.

Melissa Pumayugra is a writer, mother, activist and Girl Scout leader from Texas. When she isn’t tending to her children or plants, she writes short stories and poems. Her work has been featured in Blood Orange Review, Oklahoma Today, Hobart and other publications scattered throughout the globe.