Opinion Piece Journalism

I have been writing opinion piece articles for a number of years, always very low key for church websites and magazines. I then discovered Byline Times, an independent national news site here in the UK who are saying what the mainstream media are not saying.

As the coronavirus pandemic unleashed itself across the world, I was appalled at the way the UK government were handling the situation, so in early April wrote an article highlighting the many errors of the Conservative government. Not only that, the article asked when the UK church were going to speak out against the government, and call to account the leaders of the nation, just as the prophets used to do.


I sent the article to a Christian news site, and they decided not to publish it, finding it too confrontational, and lacking in moderation.

So I approached Byline Times with it, and they were more than happy to publish it. You can read it here.

Since then I have been writing articles regularly, each one exploring cultural, societal, and political problems, using modern and ancient thought to shed light on where we are as a people, and where we might go.

For me, silence is not an option. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said, "To not speak is to speak. To not act is to act."

I will continue to write and call out corruption and injustice. It is all I know how to do.