Memento --- Guest Post by B F Jones

She brings back fragments of him

Tastes them

The tip of her finger

Smacked against her mouth,


The tart grimace of his own lips

As he uttered harsh words

She listens to them once more

Slowly lifting her hands from her ears

Letting the dissonant memories

Seeping inside her brain with the

Screeches of a bird of prey

She unravels visions of a time

Long gone, never forgotten

Old paper calendars

Spitting up smudged dates

Of stolen times

Youth and carelessness,

Shredded to nothing

But mascara tears

On a torn pillow

B F Jones is French and lives in the UK. She writes Flash Fiction and poetry and is the co-editor of Punk Noir Magazine. Her collection of interlinked stories The Fabric of Tombstones was released in April 2020. Her poetry chapbook The Only Sounds Left and her flash fiction collection Artifice were published by Alien Buddha in summer 2021. Find her on Twitter @Fijo_Frenchie.