C. A. R. ---- Guest Post by Raymond Moore

Cortisol the enemy within penetrates everything covered by skin. Acid mornings muscles tight strangles hope too fucked to fight. Brain fog heart racing restless legs endless pacing. Adrenal glands pumping fear and despair nobody knows no one cares. Empty on the inside empty outside nowhere to run nowhere to hide.

Misery personified the torture hour mind running a mile a minute in the shower. Everything good turns to shit cortisol coursing from head to foot. Wondering if it will ever end sinking slowly the forever descend. Cortisol my disease takes no prisoners impossible to appease.

Raymond Moore a RN living and working in Saudi Arabia. Originally from Glasgow he spent my teenage life on the Isle of Skye. His Skye Stories Trilogy was published in 2021 by Redshank Books in the UK. These document his adventures from Glasgow to Skye and beyond. He’s currently finishing his first novel entitled Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and Nursing which he hopes to publish later this year.