Book Deal!

I am delighted to announce that my noir novel, Burning the Folded Page, will be published by the fabulous (and publishing culture shifters) Cinnabar Moth Publishing in September 2023.

I'm not going to say too much about the book right now, other than it is a mystery novel that revolves around family tragedy, and a journey into India to unearth secrets, lies, and corruption.

Cinnabar are my dream publisher for this book. They are a press who champion their authors like no other, and value diversity, from those who publish with them, through the people who will read their books. That is why every book published with Cinnabar also becomes an audiobook, ensuring accessibility.

This book actually sparked from a tweet I sent earlier in the year. There was a Twitter challenge inviting people to write a story in a single tweet, that had to include certain words. Mine took a thoroughly noir feel, and Cinnabar suggested I should write a novel in the noir genre. Everything happened fairly quickly from that moment, and we soon had a project that made us all very excited.


Will keep you updated on the book's progression, and will share occasional one line snippets to keep you interested!

Something that I'm discovering from pursuing a career as a writer is to keep pushing doors, taking chances, and, most importantly, writing what you love to write. It's the same as life: when we pretend to try and please others, eventually it unravels around us. Writing should first be a passion project, something that brings you joy. What you write will not only reflect that, but will be attractive to your readers.

Be comfortable in your own skin.


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