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Heresy is a brutal and unflinching collection of poetry by Rev Joe Haward, exposing the hypocrisy and abuse of institutional Christianity from an insider's perspective. Each poem is a story in itself, ferocious in its truth, devastating in its conclusions. Not only using personal experience, but also drawing from the stories of others, Haward pulls the reader into a work of passionate fire and fury. Heresy will burn its mark upon you, and leave you wanting more.

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Like a hymn in pace and form, the book sweeps us up like an emotive liturgical summoning, drawing you to open your eyes with such emotive passion, you feel the pain of your own crucifixion.


In this collection you’ll find poems that, if his words were fire, your eyes would burn from their sockets.


This book may seem like a punch in the face to some, but in fact, it’s just Joe, leaning his head on your shoulder and aggressively whispering in your ear, ‘Open Your Eyes!’